Articles of Incorporation Document

Created: September 1984

NACSM Articles of Incorporation:

 Article I.

 The name of this corporation shall be the Native American Center of Southeast Minnesota Inc.

Article II.

The purpose of this corporation shall be to encourage and promote:

    Native American Cultural Awareness and Activities for the Native American Group and Southeast Minnesota Community

   Education of Native Americans

   Emergency Assistance for Native Americans

   Social Functions


   Better understanding of the Native American Culture and History within the Southeast Minnesota Community

   Any other assistance that may be required for Native American people

 To facilitate these programs, the corporation can engage in promotional activities, accept gifts, solicit funds, and exercise all powers, rights, privileges, and immunities granted by law in the furtherance of its corporate purposes.

 Article III.

This corporation shall not afford monetary gain, incidentally or otherwise, to its members or family of its members.

Article IV.

 The period of duration of corporate existence of this corporation shall be perpetual. Should the corporation by operation of law or otherwise cease to exist, all property and funds remaining after the payment of its obligations shall be distributed to any other non-profit corporation existing for the benefit of Native American peoples with out corporate gain.

Article V.

 The location of the registered office of this corporation is Zumbrota, Goodhue County, Minnesota, with its mailing address at 1015 Mills Street, Zumbrota, MN 55992

Article VI.

 The members of this Corporation shall have no personal liability whatsoever for obligations of this Corporation, and the private property of the members and directors of this Corporation shall not be liable for the obligations of this Corporation.

Article VII.

 This Corporation shall not have capital stock.

Article VIII.

 Native American Center of Southeast Minnesota Officer Positions:





   Assistant Treasurer

 Native American Center of Southeast Minnesota Board of Directors:

 The number of directors constituting the board of directors of this corporation shall be 7 not to exceed 11, and the tenure of office of such board of directors shall be 2 years.

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